About Cap Horn

You will find Cap Horn a short walk down the cobblestone street of the charming quay, Nyhavn. The beautiful, old building, which used to be a hang-out for thirsty sailors and women of easy virtue, was in the 1990's transformed into a restaurant with a focus on organic produce.

Cap Horn has since maintained this organic mindset and all of our ingredients are carefully selected based on quality and with consideration for our climate.


Every day our chefs prepare dishes based on the seasonal offerings of fresh produce. All of the ingredients must live up to a high standard of quality and we prefer to use organic produce. All of our basic ingredients are organic and we have a large selection of organic vegetables and meat. Our coffee, tea and the majority of our wine and beer selection also come from organic suppliers.


Cap Horn is one of the few places in Nyhavn, which has kept its original appearance. The old wooden floors, the fireplace, the different chairs and plates as well as the curious knick-knacks here and there all have a story to tell and contribute to the special, laid-back and inviting atmosphere in the restaurant.

On the first floor is a charming banqueting room with wooden floors and small-paned windows. French doors divide this beautiful room, which is frequently used for festive gatherings.

In front of Cap Horn is our lovely patio, where you can enjoy the view of old wooden ships along with a delightful meal composed by our skilled chefs.

Our wonderful hostesses will meet you with a smile and you are always welcome, whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a main course or a full menu.

We hope you will enjoy your meal and your visit with us!


Find us

Cap Horn
Nyhavn 21
DK-1051 Copenhagen K
+45 33 12 85 04